EnerLux Windows & Doors

Fiberglass Awning Windows

EnerLux’s Fiberglass Awning Windows are designed to open outward from the top, offering effective ventilation and rain protection. These windows feature a robust, air and water-tight construction with a pultruded fiberglass frame, enhanced by the proprietary Super Strength Corner (S2C) System for added durability and efficiency. With triple weather-stripping and a multi-point locking system, they provide superior energy efficiency and noise reduction. Additionally, the use of argon-filled spaces and thicker glass supports larger window sizes without compromising structural integrity. The windows also boast an aesthetically pleasing design with a seamless FlexScreen and a uniform 2.25” profile.

Fiberglass Picture Windows

EnerLux’s Fiberglass Picture Windows series offers expansive, low-profile windows designed to enhance natural light and views with minimal frame visibility. Capable of sizes up to 120 inches tall or wide, these windows prioritize energy efficiency and durability. They feature strong fiberglass construction, argon-filled insulated glass, and thicker glass for improved soundproofing. Foam-filled frames contribute to the windows’ energy efficiency and quietness. The sleek design ensures a clean, modern look with maximum glass exposure, aligning with casement and awning windows for aesthetic consistency.

Fiberglass Casement Windows

EnerLux’s Fiberglass Casement Windows are designed for superior performance and durability, using high-quality materials and a unique sealing system to prevent air and water infiltration. They offer enhanced energy efficiency with argon-filled insulated glass and thicker panes for better soundproofing. The strength of fiberglass allows for larger window sizes, and the windows are aesthetically pleasing with a sleek FlexScreen and 2.25” profile. Compared to single or double hung windows, casement windows provide better ventilation, views, and energy efficiency due to their tight sealing and design.

Sliding Patio Doors

EnerLux’s Ultimate Sliding Patio Doors maximize your home’s views with their clean lines and expansive glass area, designed for enhanced outdoor visibility. These all-fiberglass doors, featuring frames, sashes, and trim, offer top-tier durability and energy efficiency. The doors ensure smooth operation through precision bearing stainless steel rollers, while maintaining excellent weather sealing on all sides to minimize air and water infiltration. Available in various configurations, they can fit a wide range of dimensions, from two to four panels, with customization options including handle styles and premium finishes like oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. Additional features include a range of insulated glass packages, glass upgrades for performance, decorative and tinted glass options, as well as customizable hardware finishes and decorative grilles to suit any aesthetic.