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Rhino Series

About Gerkin Windows & Doors

For over eighty years, Gerkin Windows & Doors has been committed to producing energy-saving windows and doors. In 1989, they began developing their Rhino Commercial Aluminum window and door series. Today, they offer a wide variety of commercial window styles in the Rhino line. Gerkin Rhino Windows & Doors are commonly used in commercial projects for schools, medical clinics, offices, motels, strip malls, loft apartments, and modern homes.

5045 Series – Horizontal Slider Aluminium Windows

Gerkin windows are known for being some of the most airtight horizontal sliders on the market. With an infiltration rate that is over 400% better than architectural standards, their sliders feature dual interlocks, dual weather strips and tapered sash rails to achieve this level of performance. Additionally, their NFRC thermal numbers make their aluminum windows some of the most energy-efficient on the market. When considering cost and performance, the Rhino slider is an excellent choice.

5100 Series – Awning Aluminium Windows

Rhino windows have performed well in NFRC testing and have been popular for high-end condo projects, municipal and office buildings because of their high level of air infiltration, water resistance, and thermal performance.

One key option that is offered is factory mulling for combination windows, such as hopper, awning, casement, and fixed windows. 

5200 Series – Hopper Aluminium Windows

The 5200 Rhino hopper window is an excellent choice for single or multi-story commercial buildings. It has a 2 3/8″ thermally broken frame depth, which helps to reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems. The reinforced power-crimped sash corners and the overlapping sash also help to make this one of the tightest windows on the market, further increasing its energy efficiency and utility savings for property owners.

5300 Series – Casement Aluminium Windows

The Gerkin 5300 casement window is designed for excellent performance. In fact, its air infiltration is often better than that of other fixed windows. These windows perform so well in NFRC thermal tests that they have been used in 5-Star Green Building projects, Net Zero housing and numerous LEED certified projects. Some of the highlighted features of the casement include compression bulb weather seals, multi-point locking, easy to crank roto system, heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, and hydraulically locked sash corners keys with liquid welds.

5500 Series – Fixed Aluminium Windows

The 5500 series fixed windows are designed with optimal performance in mind. In NFRC thermal tests, they have been used in 5-Star Green Building projects, Net Zero housing and numerous LEED certified projects.

5800 Series – Double Hung Aluminium Windows

The 5800 Double Hung window was tested for use in sizes up to 60″x99″. Its air infiltration rate is an amazing .03! This window features a 4 5/16″ frame, block and tackle balances with an ultra-lift option, 1″ insulated glass, and tilt sash operation. Both sashes operate and automatically lock into position when closed. Standard options include nail fins, panning, and two anodized finishes.

58F Series – Fixed Aluminium Windows

The 58F series window is a great alternative to storefront systems. Gerkin has designed this window to look like storefront, but with added benefits like superior thermal performance, water resistance, and air infiltration. Not to mention, this window is also capable of meeting Energy Star standards in all climate zones with thier standard Low E glass. Gerkin’s internal water management weep system and optional nail fin make this window a great alternative to poor performing storefronts – so when you want the look of storefront but prefer a higher performance level, look no further than Gerkin’s 58F series windows.

5900 Series – Single Hung Aluminium Windows

The 5900 Single Hung Window provides excellent performance with a smooth operation. It is designed with features like block and tackle balances, tilt-in sash, recessed tilt latches, automatic sill locks, and dual pull rails. Gerkin’s air infiltration is an amazingly low .03! This great performance is enhanced by features like a sloped sill, dual weatherstripping, and a center interlock.

5400 Series – Aluminium Patio Doors

The 5400 sliding patio door is a great product for the commercial market as well as for the modern home design market. Gerkin offers a 2-lite style with sizes up to 8’x 8’. This door received up to a LC45 AAMA rating.  This door would be a perfect mate for the 58F fixed window. Both have the same frame depth and can be ganged together for walls of glass and doors.